Stress Treatment

We all experience it on a daily basis. A little bit of stress is helpful as it helps to drive and motivate us to action. This is referred to as eustress. Another way of thinking about this is when we are trying to build muscle. If our muscles are not under a certain amount of stress then they cannot become stronger. It becomes a problem when it gets out of balance and we experience too much of it. When we experience high levels of stress, we are in distress. To use our muscle building analogy when we lift a weight that is too heavy or do too many reps, what happens? We injure the muscle possibly even tearing it. The lesson to be learned here is that we need to know when enough is enough and when it is time to engage in self-care.

Often by the time people come to me, they have so depleted themselves that they need a transfusion of energy that only come from making themselves a priority. I can assist you with finding ways that will work for you to do that in your day to day life.